Replacement and return

The customer has the right to return or exchange products within 7 days from the date of purchase, provided that the product is in its original condition with all its accessories and user manuals

When wanting to replace a product with no manufacturing defect or defect, the customer bears the shipping fees

In the event that the product to be replaced is not available, the customer will be contacted to take his permission in case he wants another product

Unopened products are not replaced if there is no proven defect in manufacturers, noting that non-replaceable products are all that breach or deviate from the terms of the warranty such as misuse - product opened in other than its normal condition - failure to follow operating instructions - product exposure to water in In the event that it is not waterproof - doing any external maintenance - the device is totally or partially disabled from work in the event of using an accessory that does not match the characteristics of the device or a breakage of the product

 If the product is inspected and it turns out that it is under warranty, the customer is compensated with a new product and the shipping cost is borne by the future echo. A bill of lading is sent to the customer and the customer is expected to deliver the product to the shipping company within 7 days from the date of sending the policy to him. And it is agreed with the customer on the method of delivery to the shipping companies with the customer service team according to the policy of each city, and the policy will be canceled if the customer does not deliver the product to the shipping company during this period